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Digital Marketing Analyst, Coordinator and Enthusiast.

I’m Rhys, an experienced digital marketer with a passion for helping smaller businesses and freelancers succeed online. Through my blog, I share practical tips and advice on SEO, social media, and blogging to help you enhance your online presence.


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6 Simple Websites to Help Your Digital Marketing EffortsBlogging
26 March 2024

6 Simple Websites to Help Your Digital Marketing Efforts

6 simple, yet useful websites that can save you time and streamline your digital marketing efforts, whether it's help with content, images, documents, or more.
14 February 2024

7 Annoying Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make on Your Website

Functionality and readability issues are common in websites. Here are 7 mistakes that can be easily avoided for a better user experience and a lower bounce rate
16 January 2024

7 useful wordpress plugins that help with digital marketing

Plugins are tools that improve your WordPress website, providing benefits such as enhanced functionality, improved performance, and a better user experience.
5 November 2023

Stop using jpeg and use webp for better website performance

Stop using JPG, PNG, and GIF image formats, and improve your search engine rankings, website load speeds & performance, and user experience with WebP images.
2 October 2023

What I learned about marketing during my time at lawn master

SEO, PPC, offline, email, and Social Media campaigns taught me a lot about marketing. Some flourished, while some forced me to go back to the drawing board.
27 September 2023

How to blog about topics people are searching for

Failing to blog about what people are searching for can result in little views, zero impact on search engine results, and render your efforts not worthwhile.
5 September 2023

The 1 account local businesses and freelancers should have

A Google Business Profile offers such a large list of benefits for better search-engine results, that it is impossible for local businesses to ignore.
24 August 2023

Using fantasy football tips and strategies for your blog

Boost your blog game with Fantasy Premier League Football tips, advice, and strategies that can also be implemented in writing effective blogs and articles.
18 August 2023

The benefits of using only 1 social media site for marketing

Learn how focusing on one social media platform for your digital marketing improves engagement, management, and growth, compared to managing several accounts.