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About Me

My name is Rhys Britton, and I am a Digital Marketing and Website Coordinator who lives in Abergele, North Wales. I enjoy all things digital marketing and love blogging about my years of experience in the field. I discuss topics such as improving SEO rankings, creating engaging social media content, enhancing website user experience, and how to write blogs that target searched-for content for increased blog visibility.

My Career Before Digital Marketing

Before I started working. I went to the University of Chester in England, studying Multimedia Tecnologies, where I studied web & app development, audio recording, video editing and e-learning. I finished university with a 2.1, which, in my opinion, was the perfect grade for when balancing a good education with an active social and night life.

How I started in Digital Marketing

With a degree under my belt and an education in various media fields. I set my sights on a career in web design and development. However, I couldn’t find an opportunity close to home in North Wales. Undeterred, I decided to search further away, and accepted a position down in South Wales. However, this wasn’t a web design and developer role, this was a web coordinator position.

Thinking web coordinator was a combination of web design and developer. I thought I’d be further improving my web languages and photoshop skills. However I found myself instead updating products on the company website, creating and managing social media accounts to build an audience of followers, and doing anything I can to get the company on the top of search engines, which meant one thing, a lot of googling.

With the fear of losing my job due to little understanding and experience of digital marketing at the time. I would often google popular digital marketing topics such as how to rank on top of google, how to identify target audiences, and how to build a large social media following. Over time I’d learn what worked and what didn’t, and most importantly, I grew to love the challenge of all things digital marketing.

Over the Years Where I Am Today

Since then, I have delved deeper into all things digital marketing. Over the years, I honed my skills through various professional experiences, including working in the foodservice industry and lawn care industry. Currently, I hold the position of Marketing Officer, overseeing the digital and print marketing efforts of Alpine Travel and Jones Holidays.

In addition to my digital marketing career, I’ve also continued pursuing my passion for web design and development. I’ve created multiple online portfolio websites for myself that have been featured in web design publications, which I proudly see as achievements, like a Pok√©mon Master collecting gym badges.

In 2023, I decided to start a digital marketing blog for startup businesses and freelancers. The blog focuses on organic digital marketing because I recognise the importance of patience and dedication, knowing that success doesn’t happen overnight. My main goal is to provide a helpful resource that assists readers in moving forward with their digital marketing journey.