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Social media has become an essential tool for businesses of all sizes, but not everyone utilises it as it can be time-consuming, overwhelming, or uninteresting for some. However, the benefits of social media should not be ignored. It helps build brand awareness and promotes products and services. Moreover, there are additional advantages, specifically for local businesses and freelancers, that are often overlooked. With this in mind, here are the frequently overlooked benefits of social media.

By leveraging the benefits of social media, businesses can build their online presence without the difficulties of running a website. Social media is quick and easy to use, and can be accessed by people of all ages on a wide range of devices.

Benefits to using social media over a website
  • Social media platforms are much easier and quicker to publish content on than websites, as websites require a basic knowledge of content management systems (CMS) for regular updates.
  • Websites cost money. You need to pay for a domain name (website address) and hosting services unless you are using a free content management system like WordPress.
  • It creates a fairer competition among competitors. Social media limits you to posting images, videos, and text, whereas websites can enhance users’ experience with animations, call-to-action buttons, and various other features.
  • Certain social media platforms, like Instagram, offer free photo editing tools that allow you to enhance the quality of your images. Similarly, platforms such as TikTok provide features for enhancing videos.
  • Individuals who have liked your social media page are more likely to see your content frequently compared to content on your website, as it will be displayed on their social media timeline or feed.
  • All social media activities can be easily performed on your phone, offering convenience and flexibility. Whereas updating websites may require the use of a computer or laptop.

Social media provides a platform for both freelancers and businesses to showcase their knowledge and experience in their fields. It serves as an online portfolio where individuals can display their work to others. Having a strong social media profile highlighting your work can enhance your credibility and persuade potential customers.

Benefits with using social media as an online portfolio
  • It gives family, friends, and followers something to share. Word of mouth is a powerful tool, and if people who have an interest in your products or services, they are likely to share your work. However, if you have nothing to share, they won’t be able to help as much.
  • Helps you understand which products/services are in demand and which ones people like the most. The more likes and interaction on specific posts, such as showcasing products, can provide valuable insights to focus more on those areas. This can potentially lead to improved business and customer satisfaction by offering solutions to their preferences and needs.

Doing the same work repeatedly can be draining and eventually impact the quality of your work. For example, on my website, I cover three topics: social media, blogging, and search engine optimization. I focus on several topics because writing about only one subject can lead to repetitiveness and loss of interest. The same applies to various fields of work. If you engage in the same tasks every day, there’s a genuine risk of growing weary, resulting in a decline in the quality of your work. Allocating some time to social media can help break this repetitive cycle and introduce variety to your work.

Benefits of using social media for a greater work variety
  • You are likely to be followed by people with an interest in your products and services, which can potentally grow into a online community and the opportunity to address a wide range of topics.
  • Social media exposes you to trending topics, customer needs, and market demands. This exposure provides valuable insights that can inspire new ideas for your company. By discovering these trends and customer preferences, you can introduce new products and services, diversifying your offerings and adding variety to your work.
  • You are likely to meet people in the same line of work, which can be used to build connections. This interaction adds variety to your work by introducing fresh insights and potential collaborations in the future.

In conclusion, social media presents numerous benefits for businesses and freelancers. It provides a simpler and more convenient alternative to maintaining a website. Moreover, it serves as a platform to display your portfolio, showcasing your work and expertise, while also introducing variety through networking, collaborations, and fresh insights.

But by no means do you need to be on it often and create multiple posts every day, as you will fall into a mundane and repetitive cycle. Limit yourself to no more than 30-60 minutes per day, and always remember quality over quantity. Never post just for the sake of posting, as this can diminish the overall quality of your content. Last but not least, for more variety, interact with others and their posts, as the social aspect of social media is often overlooked.

Rhys Britton

I’m Rhys, an experienced digital marketer with a passion for helping startup businesses and freelancers succeed online. Through my blog, I share practical tips and advice on SEO, social media, and blogging to help you enhance your online presence. Follow me on Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram.