New Franchise Webpage Design / Development

Software used: Adobe Dreamweaver & Illustrator.

Updated web layout for Lawn Master’s franchise pages. Old layout used to be one long page, which was text-heavy and lacked images / icons. Lawn Master currently has over 30 franchisees across the UK. Meaning over 30 pages required updating.

New webpage features a tab layout with icons also designed by myself in Adobe Illustrator, which breaks down the content. Also highlighted important information such as experience, qualifications and past Greenkeeper / Groundsman work by designing icons that help catch your eye on first glance.

Other features include a map of where each franchise covers, a video gallery for franchisees that have videos, and a contact form with a postcode field that automatically fills in your postcode from the previous page, blocks the form from sending if the postcode is updated to an area we don’t cover, and points the user to the right page if the postcode is updated to an area that another franchise covers.

Lawn Master Profile Example